Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AirAsia mystery

AirAsia's doing something different this time, "Something BIG is headed your way...", most likely a zero fare sale again? Well, lucky for me, we haven't booked any summer plane tickets it might be a last-minute summer sale ;P. From the ripped-off part, I guess I can make out FARE (bottom) and maybe the top is NO FARES? We'll just have to find out.

EDIT: Photo was replaced by AirAsia with the new ad. Sorry for the fact that I didn't upload it onto my own server =(, geez....I just love their advertising! Asian low-cost carriers rule!!~

From their Twitter feed,
"RT @AirAsiaBlog: We've been sniffing around for the big announcement at 1300 hours (GMT+8hrs). Its going to be big ;) watch out!~"
"U wanna be waiting for tmr, coz we’ve got something for YOU! :)"
"Some things will not be the same again tomorrow…watch this space."

UPDATE: It's actually nothing really special. "With NO ADMIN FEE and fares as low as ours, any lower & we'll have to start dropping our pants! #no admin fee"


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